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Improve Your Knowledge and Appreciation of Fine Wine Tasting in Orange County

There are many ways that you can enjoy drinking wines and many places where you can learn how to taste these wines. The vast majority of wine tasting can be found in wineries that cater for these events. You will be able to find many of these places in different countries but before you start traveling the world over for wine tasting you might want to explore Orange County. While you may not be expecting it you can find good wine tasting Orange County vineyards.

These vineyards produce some stunning wines like Cabernet Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Mediterranean style varietals like Pinot Gris, Syrah and Viognier to name but a few. While you may have to find information about these wine producing places in Orange County, you will ... Click Here to Read More!

Wine Tasting in Michigan Wineries Where Exceptional Wines Are Produced

There are people who love the experience of being able to taste a wine before they decide whether they want to buy that wine. For these people going to a winery and being able participate in wine tasting is the only way to see if a wine will taste good enough for them to buy it. There are many places in the world where you can taste wines in this manner, including that of wine tasting Michigan vineyards.

While people may not think of Michigan as being a producer of wines, there are quite a number of vineyards and wineries to be found. You will find that you can take tours for wine tasting Michigan has its very own wine trail where exceptional wines are produced. The wines that come from these vineyards are of high standard and the... Click Here to Read More!

Shiraz/Syrah - whats the difference?

There are a few varieties of wine that taste almost identical, yet have different names. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio, Sparkling Wine and Champagne and the newly popular Shiraz and Syrah are a few of these mystery names of wine. So what’s the difference between a Shiraz and a Syrah? Like most differences in wine names, the answer is Location Location Location.

Shiraz and Syrah are the same grape, but from different locations in the world. The name Shiraz is only used for the Syrah grapes grown in Australia. Every other Syrah is known as Syrah. (The Californians have adopted the Shiraz name for marketing purposes, but it is widely known that real Shiraz comes from the Aussies.)

Producers throughout the New World and Mediter... Click Here to Read More!

Australian wines

Wine-growing is one of the most dynamic branches of Australian industry, and during the last 40 years it faced many important changes. For instance, in the mid 50-s an average statistical Australian drank about 1 glass of wine per year. But nowadays this quantity enlarged to 2 bottles.

One should note that in 1965 the amount of wine-makers was little and only six companies were officially producing table wine. However, in 1999 the number of wine-makers reached 109. Nowadays Australia’s share in the world market is only 2%, but the aim for 2025 is 6.5%.

Wine-growing is an important industry for Australia. Wool, cotton and beef are a traditional Australian export sold raw. However, wine-making stimulates developme... Click Here to Read More!

Wine SA is Distinctly South African in Flavor, Origin and Creation

We know that wine is grown in different countries that have the right climate for the wine grapes. While the most well known places for wines is found in France and in Napa Valley there are many new countries that are expanding into the wine market. Among these new wine countries are South America and Australia. Today the wine SA is gaining recognition in the international wine market and these wines are ranked as being third in the world.

To help with the wine SA growing into the various wine markets South Africa has 100- 200 hectares of land that is being cultivated by wine growers for the development into great wines. The various wines that are produced in South Africa are a mixture of classic wines and the fruity based wines o... Click Here to Read More!

A Quick Guide to Red Wines

Wine lovers tend to take sides when proclaiming the best vintages. Here is a quick guide to the reds, which often are picked as the best.

A Quick Guide to Red Wines

Ask a wine aficionado what type of wine they like and they almost always will pick red or white. Rarely will they proclaim a love for both. This is somewhat ironic given the fact that each goes with particular dishes, but who am I to quibble? Here’s a quick introduction to the various red wines one can experience.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the standard bearer when it comes to a red. If you are just getting into the wine experience, it is pretty hard to go wrong with a “cab”. This wine has undergone a unique expansion wherein it was originally associated ... Click Here to Read More!

Scotch Whiskey

Scotch Whiskey is whiskey that was made in Scotland. It is often referred to simply as Scotch. Whiskey can only legally be called Scotch whiskey if it was actually produced in Scotland. Whiskey that is referred to as Scottish Whiskey is counterfeit. It is distilled from water, malted barley, and whole grains. The whiskey has an alcoholic strength of less than 94.8% by volume, but it's strength when it is bottled is not less than 40% by volume. It is matured in oak casks for at least three years and a day. The four categories of Scotch whiskey are single malt, vatted malt, blended, and single grain. Malt whiskey is made of malted barley. It is distilled in pot stills. In order to malt barley, the barley is soaked in water to the point o... Click Here to Read More!

Red Grapes Are Not Just For Jelly!

As a continuation to, “White Grapes are as Different as Apples and Oranges,” red grapes are very much the same. Sometimes it is hard to believe that one small piece of fruit can vary so much. Even though there are dozens upon dozens of varieties of red grape, the following is a short list of what I feel are the major red varieties.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir originates in Burgundy but can also call places such as Tasmania and New Zealand home and is often considered to be the lightest of all the red grape varieties. Flavours and aromas again can vary but usually are reminiscent of raspberry and strawberry while having spicy and earthy aromas. Because of the variety of flavours and aromas that can be produced from Pinot Noir, i... Click Here to Read More!

Wine Tasting – Understanding The Wines Of France

Are you baffled by the huge variety of French wines and completely lost when it comes to deciding which wine will best suit your needs?

Each of the eight wine producing regions of France specializes in producing wine of a particular type and flavor and this simple overview will hopefully make choosing French wines a little easier.


Burgundy wines are produced from the black Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes and from the white Chardonnay grape.

The Pinot Noir is probably one of the world's oldest grape varieties and is notoriously difficult to grow. It does however produce some of our best wines which are full-bodied and rich and at the same time can be light, soft and velvety. Pinot noir wines often have an ... Click Here to Read More!

The Ideal Temperature For A Wine Cellar

The ideal temperature to store wines is between 55ºF and 58ºF (13ºC–15ºC). However, any temperature between 40º–65ºF (5º–18ºC) will suffice as long as it remains constant.

The degree and the speed of the temperature change are critical. A gradual change of a few degrees between summer and winter won't matter. The same change each day will harm your wines by ageing them too rapidly.

The most important rule when storing wine is to avoid large temperature changes or fluctuations. You'll notice damage of this nature straight away from the sticky deposit that often forms around the capsule. Over time the continual expansion and contraction of the wine will damage the 'integrity' of the cork. It's like having the cork ... Click Here to Read More!

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